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What is a onlinecasino?

Online Casino’s are also known as Virtual Casinos or Internet Casino. There also are different Casino games. The first is Web Based Casino games, also known as Flash Casino where a user can just go to a website and not have to download any extra programs to their computer.

These games are supported by various plugins such as Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Shock wave, Java or HTML. A certain bandwidth is also needed to support these types of programs. Unfortunately, these games cannot be played on handheld devices such as cell phones and I-pads because the software is not supported.

Other options?

The second Online Casino is Downloadable Online Casino. In this game playing the user is given the software, which must be downloaded into your computer. The software runs faster than the Web based Casino software. There are two minor setbacks to this casino gaming. Installation of the software by download may take some time to complete. There is always a risk of picking up a virus during the download process. Some Online Casino Groups may offer a combination of both Downloadable and Web-Based games.

General information about casinos online

In the world of Online Casinos, various marketing strategies are used in the form of Bonuses. An Online Casino bonus can come in many forms such as Welcome Bonuses. Welcome bonuses are a match to your first, second or third initial deposit.

The second type of bonus is a referral bonus, in which the referee gets a bonus when the referred registers an account within a certain amount of time. The referred may also gets a bonus when the referee registers an account under the same guidelines. Cash back or Insurance bonuses are given as percentages of previous players losses. These types of cash backs are only offered by Casinos that take part in those types of offers. No deposit offers sometimes don’t take the form of real cash. They are placed when the player need not offer any of their own money to start a game. Finally, there Non-Cash-able bonuses. They also are referred to as Phantom or Sticky bonuses. In the beginning they both can be formed as part of a player’s winnings but cannot be cashed out. However, a cash-able bonus can be cashed out in the form of winnings to a player.

There are many types of online casino games Baccarat, Black Jack, Craps, Roulette, Sic bio, Slot Machines, Poker, Bingo. These games are the traditional casino games played in your average brick and motor casino halls. There is also an importance to play responsibly. This includes a seven-step system to ensure that players are not taken advantage of. Protection for over active gamblers, who put up more than they can afford. Casino’s must offer online payment protection, safety measures for criminal activities, A safe gambling environment, Privacy Protection and Ethical Marketing Practices.

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